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Original Research Paper Topics

When choosing an original research paper topic you need to understand that the actual topic is everything. Get that right and you are well on the way to writing an interesting and excellent paper and therefore getting a very good mark. Unfortunately, the opposite applies. If you choose the wrong topic and particularly one which has been done to death, you are destined for a boring time and possibly a boring mark. So here are some ways to choose an original research paper topic.

  • 1) do a research
  • 2) get that brainstorming session going
  • 3) make your topic as specific as possible
  • 4) highlight your key words
  • 5) look around and see what's been done before

Brainstorming is a brilliant way to find something new and unusual, in other words something original. Brainstorming is simple. You take a piece of paper and you choose a topic and then you write. You write anything which comes into your mind related to that topic. You don’t worry about the spelling or punctuation, you don't even worry about whether or not it's relevant. You just write and if you manage to do that for two or three minutes, and it works really well if you're doing it with someone else, you'll finish up with a whole range of ideas about that topic. From all those ideas, look for the one or ones which are original. Now you’ve found your topic.

Once you've chosen your topic to make your research paper original, the more research you do the better. Read widely. You have found something unique.

Make It Specific

Go for a really specific topic. If you have the general topic you will write a general essay and you want an original research paper something which is unique. Be specific.

Once you've got all your main points together highlight the key words. These are the words you must concentrate on. By developing your argument around these key words you are giving your essay that touch of originality.

Once you've decided on your original research paper topic, go and do some research. I'm not talking about the research for writing your paper but rather research to find out anyone has done this type of essay before. It won't take you long to do some basic research and if you can't find many or any research papers on your topic in your stance a good chance of being original.

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