Research Paper Topics For Elementary Education Students

When we think of how individuals become who they are, we generally look back at their childhood. As a kid, we all are still in the developing stages of our lives. We don’t fully comprehend much of the world in general, only what is right in front of us. It is pretty interesting to become an adult and then watch kids grow up into adults.

Today we are going to cover a few research paper topics that you can use during an essay assignment. These topics are all perspectives that you can reflect upon when you were a kid and what you see from kids in elementary school now.

  • How can cartoons affect the mindset/attitude of children?
  • We all understand and realize the impact that cartoon shows had on our upbringing when we were kids. Cartoons such as Rugrats, Hey Arnold, SpongeBob Squarepants, and Doug were all popular 90s/early 2000 shows on Nickelodeon. Each of the shows displayed friendships, humor, and kid friendly jokes to keep kid viewers entertained.

    When you think about the psychological aspect of an elementary kids, mind developing from what it sees, for those who watched cartoons a lot, their personality can be reflective of those early childhood cartoon shows.

  • Do friendships help kids become more social over time?
  • In elementary school students tend to develop friendships pretty quickly. Whether it is a friend that they spend a lot of time with during recess, or a family member their age, a friend in elementary school can become a best/long-life friend. In your essay feel free to discuss the correlation of elementary school aged kids and how early friendships affect their lives at that moment and as they grow older.

  • What are the new trends happening in elementary school today compared to 10-20 years ago?
  • Elementary students in today’s generation have more technology based activities that they can participate with on a daily basis. Talk about the way technology games and programs were one and two decades ago compared to now. Has the progression through technology benefited students at a young age in a better manner than when you were in elementary school?

Overall, these three topics are all approaches you can reflect back in regards to your own life and compare it to elementary students today. Seeing that you have already been through that part of your life, being able to compare and contrast your experiences and today’s elementary students will add a great element to your research paper.

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