Choosing Research Paper Topics In Educational Psychology

So, you have to write a research paper in education psychology? That can be time consuming if you don’t have a good topic. You should definitely pay attention to this, because the topic is one of the keys to writing a really interesting and good paper. We have some arch paper topics in educational psychology for you and you can use them to get the best outcome and grade.

  1. High divorce rates: Is this a bad thing? How do they influence children?
  2. This is a topic you can really analyze and also give your opinion. You can discuss if this is a bad thing for children and for the couple as well.

  3. Male and female bullies: How does the school and stuff approach these two types of bullies?
  4. Is there a difference between male and female bullies in school and why?

  5. Childhood Education
  6. Is this important for the children and how? What is the difference between children who get educated from an early age and children who don’t get educated.

  7. Education and students with special needs
  8. How are students with special needs educated and how much can they improve.

  9. Teacher and child conflict
  10. Should a child in preschool argue with the teacher and what influence does it have on both of them.

  11. Parents and children: Punishment for bad grades
  12. Should parents punish their children for having bad grades or is this the wrong approach? Is this still present today?

  13. Influence of social media in schools and among students
  14. Research paper topics in industrial organizational psychology are a really great option. How is social media influencing students? Try to find some examples and do your research. Talk about the advantages and disadvantages.

  15. Rules violence: Students get punished for not respecting the rules
  16. Find some examples and try to explain the influence of those punishments on students. Is this right or not?

  17. Grades and differences between genders
  18. Is there a special treatment for some students just because of their gender? Try to find some examples and talk about these differences and different approaches.

  19. Bullied children and depression
  20. This is a common problem nowadays, so try to do your research on it. Why do children have problems with depression if bullied and how does it influence them? You can also take a look at some research proposal topic ideas psychology.

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